Beckett 7040210 Pond Filter

Add a pump, fountain, and filter to your pond at once using the Beckett Professional Filter and Fountain Kit. This kit contains all you need to begin effectively filtering your pond water. Place the included 210 gph pump inside the filter box, and surround it with the biological media balls. These media are covered in spokes of differing heights, offering several crevices for biological bacteria to establish a colony. The coarse and fine filter mats that cover the pump act as a macrofilter, keeping debris from nearing your pump. The lid of the box has a fine screen as well, to allow water in but prevent large debris from entering the unit. This specially designed kit also features risers and two different fountain heads, so you can choose to add a more dramatic feature to your water garden. Choose either the three tier or flower shaped fountain head, and attach it to the top of the riser. Open the diverter valve to power just the fountain, or alter it to power both a fountain and spitter or other small water feature. Use only one riser for a smaller fountain or bubbler. This unit is best suited for filtering ponds up to 350 gallons, and is designed for use in ponds approximately 18 inches deep. The black color and compact size will remain unobtrusive. Essential for fish and plants. Kit includes three tier fountain nozzle, 1440 diverter valve with flow control, and two extension tubes (for waterfall attachment), pump, biological media balls and 20 foot power cord.

Essential for fish and plants
For use in ponds up to 350 gallons
Two layer filtration with recirculation
Dimensions 12-inch by 6-inch by 6-inch; weighs 6.1 pounds
Encourages growth of beneficial bacteria to naturally balance pond
1 year manufacturers warranty
Pumps 210 gallons per hour
Rated for ponds up to 350 gallons

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